Several types of photovoltaic junction box

2020-09-11 18:05

The solar cell module junction box is a connector between the solar cell array and the solar charging control device, which is a cross domain comprehensive design integrating electrical design, mechanical design and material science. Solar cell module junction box is very important in the composition of solar modules, the main role is to connect the power generated by solar cells with external lines. The junction box is bonded with the back plate of the module through silica gel, the outgoing line in the assembly is connected with the internal circuit in the junction box, and the internal circuit is connected with the external cable to make the component and the external cable connected. There are diodes in the junction box to ensure that the components can work normally when the light is blocked.

The main characteristics of solar cell module junction box are as follows:

1. the shell is made of imported raw materials. It has high anti-aging and UV resistance.

2. It is suitable for outdoor production under harsh environmental conditions, with the actual effect of more than 30 years;

3. 2-6 terminals can be built in as needed;

4. All connection methods are quick connect plug-in connection.

The common PV junction box mainly includes the following types:

(1) Traditional photovoltaic junction box

Its product features are as follows:

1, the shell has strong anti-aging and UV resistance.

2. It is suitable for outdoor harsh environment

3. Pv-jb003-6 junction box is specially designed for solar modules

4. The internal wiring base is made of circuit board and plastic

5. The cable is welded

6. Assembling different diodes can change the power of the junction box.