What are the environmental factors for photovoltaic devices

2020-09-11 18:04

We all know that the greatest advantage of light energy is that energy can be regenerated, and China's main resources have almost been developed. Without these resources, our living standards will be worse. The country also thought of this problem, so they hope to develop new energy to replace them. It is found that solar energy is the best energy substitute. Solar photovoltaic junction box, solar photovoltaic connector

And many parts are carried out through this photovoltaic module, although its role is very obvious, but it will be affected by many factors. Now I will talk about the impact of environmental factors on photovoltaic modules.

(1) The sound of solar radiation.

(2) Hot and cold alternate day and night.

(3) Wet weather.

(4) Rain, wind, snow, frost.

(5) Dust, sand and other pollutants.