Analysis and application of components of photovoltaic grid connected power generation system

2020-09-11 17:48

Photovoltaic grid connected power generation system is a process of power supply by solar cells and grid connected inverter. Photovoltaic grid connected power generation system is widely used in today's life. The light energy of photovoltaic grid connected power generation system is converted into electric energy, and various advantages and functions are supported and studied by professionals and national government. Now solar products have been popularized to household users, so some basic concepts and principle knowledge are explained.

1、 Photovoltaic grid connected power generation system

1. Photovoltaic grid connected power generation system is that the direct current generated by solar products is directly connected to the public grid after being converted into alternating current by the inverter. In short, it is converted from light energy to electric energy for users to use.

Because the electric energy can be directly input into the grid, the photovoltaic independent system existing in all batteries will be replaced by the grid connected system, so do not install batteries, so as to reduce the cost. But the grid connected inverter needed by the system should ensure that the power can meet the frequency, frequency and other performance of the grid.


(1) The use of pollution-free, renewable solar power generation, also fast reduce non renewable. Limited resources of energy consumption, the use of the process of noon greenhouse gases and pollution gas emissions, in the ecological environment harmony, is to promote the development of sustainable development road!

(2) Photovoltaic building integrated power generation system, due to small investment, fast construction, small floor area, makes the construction technology content is high, and improves the building selling point

(3) Distributed construction and decentralized construction near various places make it convenient to enter the power grid. It is not only good at increasing the defense capacity of the system and resisting natural disasters, but also good at balancing the load of the power system and reducing the loss of lines.

(4) It can adjust the peak. Grid connected solar photovoltaic system is the key object and supported project of many developed countries, and is the main development trend of solar power generation system, with large market capacity and large development space.